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News & Update's...
As of...
02/10/02: Changed Paypal address.

12/30/01: Added rating link to home page.

12/12/01: Added another groovy song byte! Added  Rik game and desktop game!

12/10/01: Finally got the F****** scripts to download straight from this f****** lousy site!!!

12/09/01: Changed Midi file on Review page.

12/03/01: Made link to Cert.

11/29/01: Entered link to home PC business.

11/13/01: Entered new link's and some other stuff I've already forgotten about (so it must of been important!)

10/30/01: Created link to Hammersmith Odeon Memorabilia

10/28/01: Added Cherry Hinton Memorabilia anchor and link to the main act.

10/26/01: Added sound byte to Holme's part 3.

10/22/01: Amended "Thank you" page.
10/1/01: Added interactive sound bytes to script's (See continuation of Patty & Murphy part 1 , end of Holme's part 2 and Holmes' part 3 ).
8/30/01: Added above news tickers to 'Update's' page.
8/20/01: Created "Donation's" page.
8/10/01: Created a "Scary" entrance sound and "Welcome" message on first 2 pages of site!
8/08/01: Amended 'Thank you' page for the millionth time!
7/23/01: New to this site is the sound [wav] page to hear your favorite bastard sounds!
7/04/01: Linked Raychel's "Bottom" page today and a happy 4th of July! Woop's, sorry limey's!
7/02/01: Updated previous info to this list [see bottom of list]. Inspected site for errors. Too many to count!
5/21/01: Revised  'Certificate' page to load quicker.
5/21/01: split script pages to load quicker.
5/15/01: Certificate's page was amended.
4/25/01: The name of this site has changed from 'The Comic Script' to 'The Comic's Crypt'.
4/25/01: Stiv Bators site link was entered! To find out who he was, click his link!
4/25/01: This 'Update's' page was created.
4/21/01: 'Thank you' page was amended.
4/21/01: 'Laughing Skull' entrance page was created.
4/15/01: The king of punk rock, Joey Ramone, has passed on to a better place this day. See the 'Ramone's' link for further info. Joey will be missed by many around the world!
4/02/01: Today is my Birthday! Thanks for the card Jenny XXX!   
1/15/01:  I changed the name of this site to 'The Comic Script'
10/4/00: I created the first web site for my scripts and called it 'Comic Fanzine'.
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