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The Comic's Crypt
Bottom's "Down"
Patty & Murphy
Harry O'Brian
Shirlock Holmes I
Shirlock Holmes II
Shirlock Holmes III
Shirlock Holmes IV
Shirlock Holmes V


Dr Paul Smith
City: Richmond, London
State: Toothbrush

Name: Gopi Kuthawali
Company: toliet seat manufactures
City: Gopi desert
State: Zim Zimma
Comments: It was very nice and very very nice and just nice at thats all
p.s very nice!!!

From Jenny Owen
Fantastic, i fell out of my chair with laughter! A+ suicide attempt, brilliant! Have you talked to bwebB yet?
i think they want a 5min short. i was reading the shirlock holmes/ inspector twatson there were parts
of it which seemed very much like the Sweeney (i'm assuming you know what that is from living in
england if you don't there are loads of websites to tell you). Phil Cornwell (my alltime hero,
-check out the my website it needs updating though), he's an
impressionist and does a brilliant john thaw. Anyways, fabulous script,
you could be big! (i mean that) charmed,

From Marc Orbit
Hi Alan, I Like the new look of the site!
Mark Orbit

From Mike Coyne, The Comic Strip Fan Site
Hi Al!
I have just finished reading the script [Shirlock Holmes 5], it was great! It was very well
structured and easy to read, and there was not a dull moment. That lot you
have written would make a nice little series! In the final script one of my
fave funny bits was the one with the marbles! Well predicted, Holmes.
   Better be off now, speak again! Good luck with the scripts.


From Raychel
Comments: WOOAAHHH!!!kewl site baby! kewl info! kewl scripts*what i've read of them:D* kewl person.....rik and ade f**king rool the world...can't wait till nov when i see them live*hahahahaha*
Spk soon RH...Homepage:

Marie Davis
City/Country: Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Comments: I love this type of site and it makes me so
happy to find out that it exists and I will be here
as often as possible.
Thanks so much

From Melody M .Muehlhan
Very humorous!! Everybody should pay attention to the whole story.
You gonna like it!! Keep laughing and enjoy...

From Trista:
Oh yes actually, I HAVE read them! Anyhow, I think that the Patty and Murphy
attachments are wonderful! You should try submitting it to more American
audiences because British humor isn't very common over here in the
states and that's why so many of us US citizens love it! I'm
sure they would give you tons of great reviews!

From Lucy Glover
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I really enjoyed reading them,
would you like me to add them to my comedy websites?
Thanks again,

 City/Country: USA
 Comments: I loved it!!! Very well written Al, hope to read more in the future.
You have real talent and you should persue making this the
next...hummmm....monty python?
Your Friend,
Dark Angel 8-x

From S. Hovis
You Are really talented

Sugar Hovis,

From Nick Bowcott; Guitarist and founding member of 'Grim Reaper' and 'Barfly'
Hi Alan,
  Sorry for the delayed reply. Have been travelling.
Checked out the site, cool stuff. Hope all is good...

From The Bottom Young One's site
Thanks for your time for looking at my site and it will soon be expanding.
P.S. Your Scripts are very well written and funny

From Colin Cambell
Cheers Al,
Thought the ending of the bottom script was excellent - very good work!
Haven't got around to reading the other one - I shall try and squeeze it in
over lunchtime tomorrow.
Thanks again!

From the LoveDude
dude****69_2 (Thu Dec 14 17:35:25 2000):
Hey Alan, that first detective story was brilliant!

From Mr Lavelle
 (Sat Nov 25 14:01:20 2000): Great scripts!

From Daniel
Great site, I really enjoyed the script 'Bottom's 'Down' very imaginative.
As soon as you write another Bottom script be sure and let me know.
BTW have you seen the Bottom movie "Guest House Paradiso"?
It's pretty good. Please feel free to visit my webpage when
you get a chance to it's at
Thank you and have a great day :)

From Natalie Baker
Hi Alan,
Your Bottom script arrived and I've just finished reading it so I thought I'd write
and tell you what I though of it. It was brilliant. My sister was sat in the
chair behind me and she ended up leaving the room because she was
trying to concentrate on her homework and my laughter was disturbing
her! It was soooo funny and I think you're VERY clever!
Thanks again (I'll check out your other stuff now aswell)
P.S. Your 'Shirlock & Twatson' was brill!

From Dr Gajare
I'm greatfull my friend Melody invited me to visit this website. I enjoyed reading
the script because i like to laugh. Once you start reading it, you do do
not want to stop. You just keep reading it from page to page.
Dr Anil Gajare
Bombay, India

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